1-2 Spray
microfibre spray mop

1-2 Spray
microfibre spray mop

Spray and wash away dirt conveniently

The microfiber mop pad cleans better than disposables and removes 99% of bacteria with just water*, so you can clean better with less waste, less chemicals and in less time.

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Removes over 99% of E. coli and Staph. aureus from pre-finished hardwood flooring and ceramic tile using tap water, as tested at an independent accredited lab

Simply fill, spray, wash and re-use!

Simply fill, spray, wash and re-use!


Use your favorite cleaning detergent

This spray mop features a refillable bottle. Fill it with any cleaning solution you want. Just add 2 small teaspoons of cleaning solution to water in bottle and you are ready to go. You can even clean with just water since the microfiber pad can remove dirt and bacteria with plain water.

Perfect Spray

Spray nozzle is designed to provide a perfect spray. The fine spray mist provides just enough moisture to clean your floors without damaging wood floors. Spray covers full width of mop head.


Reusable Mop Pad

Save money by washing your microfiber pad for repeat use. Pad is machine washable up to 100 times. Wash only with full machine loads at max. 40/60°C.

Vileda 1-2 Spray microfibre spray mop is the perfect solution for cleaning your floors - just with water, our special cleaning liquid, or with a few drops of your own cleaning detergent.  Find out more ... 

Try it - you'll see!
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