Home alone for the first time

Life has many changes in store for us. How does one cope with these new challenges? Join us for a journey in search of the feeling of home – from the first apartment to living with children and/or pets.


New job, new love, new city, new home

New job, new love, new city, new home

Finally living your own life, developing your own style: The sense of freedom when moving into your first home, proudly inviting friends and family to your own place – this is one of the greatest feeling in adult life.
Just imagine – you’ve finally unlocked the door to your very first apartment. Everything looks perfect but how do you make it really shine, make it your home? Let us help with the details and enjoy your new life to the fullest. It’s easier than you think:


Once you’ve unpacked, it’s time to have some fun and make this place your own!
Splurge a little and take a trip to get all the must haves to make your apartment represent you. Pick up some essentials as well as some fun decor that helps personalize your space. Here’s a basic checklist of some common, easily forgotten items you’ll want to pick up for your new place.

Download complete checklist HERE ...



Brand new cleaning, brand new you


Brand new cleaning, brand new you

Scrubbing floors with a brush or Saturday cleaning marathons like your grandma used to do? That’s so 20th century.
Modern cleaning is more about maintaining your beautiful home, takes less time and follows your individual schedule. And best of all: it does not have to be perfect, just follow your own instincts.
Modern Cleaning needs modern tools, though.

Here’s all you need for your start ...

Create new cleaning rituals


Create new cleaning rituals

Did you know it takes only about 30 days to create a new habit or break an old one – but only if you have a positive view at the time? A new beginning in a beautiful home is the best time to create new rituals and to maintain your happiness. Here are a few tips:

Morning Lark? 5 minutes tidy session!
Depending on how much time you have in the morning, spending five minutes cleaning will make a huge difference. Just make the bed, wipe down the shower, empty the dishwasher and put a few things away to start your day with a win.

Night Owl? 5 minutes cleaning before bed!
Even if the night isn‘t the perfect work time, there are still a few night time cleaning routines that will set you up for a better day. Loading the dishwasher or doing the dishes in the evening will have a huge effect on your mood when entering a clean kitchen in the morning. You could even dust a bit: This a quiet chore you can accomplish without waking others.

Turn it into a workout – and reward yourself!


Turn it into a workout – and reward yourself!

Who said cleaning had to just benefit the house? Cleaning is a great opportunity to get a workout in! Turn it into a game by using a pedometer or smart watch to keep track of your movements. And the burned calories can then be turned into yummy rewards.

Download infographic HERE.

But do you want to hear our very best advice? Explore your new home, surroundings and life, and be happy. Good luck – have lots of fun!
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