Vileda Spin & Clean

Vileda Spin & Clean

Clean pad - clean floors!

Kids can make a mess ... but it is important that they can express their creativity!
That's why there is Vileda Spin & Clean. It cleans with a swipe and the pad remains clean at all time! How? With the spinning system and a scrubber in the bucket, the pad is always cleaned.
So, Vileda Spin & Clean in a nutshell?  Clean pad, clean floors!

*Grocery channel sales of mechanical household cleaning tools in Europe (based on 2018 IRI data, excl. private label and online sales).
*Pad is machine washable up to 100 times - wash only with full machine loads at max. 40/60°

With the new Vileda Spin & Clean scrubber mop set, you always work with a clean mop. The bucket comes with a roller which thoroughly rinses and cleans the refill once it rotates. No leftover dirt, hair or debris stick to the mop which guarantees a fresh pad for your floors.

Try it, you'll see!
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